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Network Status

Our networks are designed to provide a high level of service and availability as you would expect. Our Network Operation Centers are staffed around the clock.

Network Status

We strive to maintain the highest network performance and reliability standards, per the commitment in our SLA. In case of any issues with our core network, or data-centre wide issues at any of our data centers, please check this page for complete information.

A quick glance at the icons below lets you know how well traffic is moving on the network.

Network Conditions
Loss* 0.0%
NOTE: Please refresh this page every 15 minutes to ensure that the most current data is displayed.
Key to Network Conditions
A sun shows the network is performing smoothly.
A cloud tells you there are some network problems.
On very rare occasions, you may see a stormy sky. This indicates more serious network problems. Fortunately, this is a very rare network condition.

Current Date and Time:

There have been no events reported in the last 24 hours.

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